Afternoon English Language tuition Classes

***Afternoon English Language tuition Classes at our Tuition Centre on Ayia Phyla road:

Children who finish our pre-school class and continue at the A’ class of the Elementary school, can attend afternoon English Language classes at our English Language Tuition Centre.

The children can join the <Junior level> and they will have two lessons per week, sixty minutes per lesson (two hours per week).

In order to achieve the best results at the <Junior level > we have two teachers in the class, Alan and Johanna. In this way we maintain a much more efficient form of teaching and better observation of the children in the class. At the same time helping and guiding the children with their work in the class is more feasible for this age. This ensures much better results and strong foundations for the children at this young age.

At the <Junior level> the children will continue with Burlington  <Jet Series> books.

These are the book series which they use now at our pre-school class (Pre-junior level).

At our English Language Tuition Centre, the children will have Burlington  ‘Jet Series’ books  and they will have 5 books for the <Junior level>  (Student’s book – Workbook – Test book – Grammar book – Companion book).

In June 2023 the children will take the Junior level examination of the Anglia Examinations Syndicate(England).

Fees for <Junior level > from September 2022 are 60 Euro per month & Registration fee: 10 EURO


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