English Language

Our English Language teaching method for young children:

Our method is based on the way the child naturally learns the mother tongue, through repeated hearing and positive reinforcement. This gives the child the best start with the English Language. The younger the child, the easier and more natural it is to learn a language. As one gets older, it becomes more difficult to learn the new language with the correct accent.

This method gives the opportunity to the child to become proficient in the spoken English and it lays the foundations for reading and writing, progressing to the Alphabet letters, to words and even to short sentences.

With the “mother tongue principle method” which we follow, at the beginning the child hears new English words which he/she does not understand but through repetition and with the use of audio/visual aid materials (songs, stories, flash cards, games and different activities) the child begins to absorb English the same way children absorb their mother tongue. Soon the child becomes familiar with the sounds, words and sentences of the new language and continues to progress.

Motivating the child towards the learning of a new language, in a way that a child enjoys doing and by expanding the child’s brain capacity and ability to learn the new language, a more successful future is created for the child in his/her studies and life.