Our School / The Montessori Method / Important information

Our school

Our objective is to challenge and inspire our pupils to achieve their personal and learning potential, in a caring and stimulating environment, helping them to become responsible people.

The school has been established for many years and it is known for the high standards achieved in preparing the children for the primary school.

Our teachers are always fully qualified and committed to continuous improvement.  Children between the age of 3 and 6- are accepted. English and Greek are the Languages of tuition and all pupils are prepared for the 1st Class of the English Primary School and for the 1st Class of the Greek Primary school. A strong emphasis is given on language learning, with English and Greek a core subject for all pupils. The skills and experiences of the pupils are improved by providing them with a wide range of activities. Guiding the pupils how to work independently or with others and to respect each other. Stimulating, rich and inspiring learning opportunities and experiences in an educational environment of high expectations

Teaching of the highest possible standard in an attractive, well-resourced school, offering the opportunity to the pupils to have an educational experience.

The education programme is based on the development of the whole child and learning is about developing emotional and social skills as well as intellectual and academic ones.  All children can experience success and have a sense of achievement, with every child making the best possible progress.
The use of a selection of “Montessori” Educational Apparatus makes learning easier and pleasant for the child.

After completing our final class (pre-primary class) the child will be ready to be enrolled:

(a) In the First class of the English Primary School and continue with his/her English Education

(b) The child can be enrolled in the First class of the Greek Primary School and  continue with the learning of the English Language, by attending  the  afternoon English Language classes for older children,  which are offered at our Afternoon English Language Tuition Centre (Ayia Phyla Road).   All children who finish our pre-school class skip the “First Step level” and they start at the “Junior level”.

School events:

The main events we have at the school are:
(a) ” The Christmas Celebrations”
(b) “The Carnival Celebration”
(c) “Summer End-of-Year celebration”.

Parents are always welcome to our celebrations.

The school is open every day (Monday to Friday) (7.30 am until 6.00 pm) throughout the year and it is closed only in August.
Children may be registered at the school at any time throughout the year, provided there are places available. Teachers are always happy to talk to the parents about their children and their progress. Hot lunch service is available, which is optional.
Our building is modern and it was purposely build as a school, with central heating and with all the facilities of modern European schools.  The outside playing area is covered with green imitation grass.
The School is Approved by the Ministry of Education  with an approved Pre-Primary class (Prodimotiki).

Our teaching methods:

  1. General class teaching.
  2. Small group teaching
  3. Individual teaching of the child.

This ensures that every child progresses on, at his/her own pace and according to his/her abilities.

The “Montessori” Method:

In the words “teach me to do it myself” we summarise the Montessori Method. Dr Maria Montessori believed that a child’s self-construction is based on two creative sensibilities: The absorbent mind and the sensitive period.

The child is not an empty barrel that can only be filled with direct interference from adults. It develops itself from within and expresses its needs with spontaneous interest for everything that stimulates its inner growth.

The self-respect of a child is recognised and respected, irrespective of its abilities and capabilities. His/her work is not constantly compared with the work of others and marks are not given. Maria Montessori pointed out the great importance of observation and the stimulating role of the adult.

She herself developed numerous teaching apparatus for the child to acquire knowledge, which can form a base for its further development. A Montessori-group of children is a live and work community of children.
Every child is an individual, with his/her own talent, his/her own character, who, in the different stages of his/her development will pass through the school at his/her own pace.

The education of the child is aimed at all the aspects of the human-being: psychological, social, intellectual and creative. All these aspects form an inseparable unit. Doing things himself, discovering things himself and experiencing things himself, helps the child on the road to independence and it will teach the child to become a responsible person.

The teaching apparatus:

The teaching apparatus can be divided into different groups, each group with its own specific use and purpose.

*”Practical Life” equipment.

* Sensorial material to develop the senses.

* Material for the preparation of reading and writing.

* Biological apparatus.

* Geographical apparatus.

* Mathematical apparatus.

* Language apparatus.










Σημαντικές πληροφορίες — Important information :

1.Our school is Approved  by the Ministry of Education and Culture, as a Bilingual School, using both the English and the Greek Language , with  an Approved  Pre-Primary class (Prodimotiki).

Our Certificate of Registration is displayed on the wall, as it is required by the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

For your information, Nursery centres (Paedokomikoi Stathmoi ) are licensed by the Welfare Office  (Ministry of Labour ) to offer care to  young children.

1.Το σχολείο μας είναι Εγκεκριμένο από το Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού σαν Δίγλωσσο  Νηπιαγωγείο , με χρήση της Αγγλικής και της Ελληνικής Γλώσσας και  με  Εγκεκριμένo τμήμα Προδημοτικής.

Το Πιστοποιητικό Έγκρισης μας,  είναι στον τοίχο, όπως απαιτείται από το Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού.

Προς πληροφόρησή σας, οι παιδοκομικοί  σταθμοί, έχουν πιστοποιητικό λειτουργίας από το Γραφείο Ευημερίας (Υπουργείο Εργασίας) για να προσφέρουν φροντίδα σε μικρά παιδάκια.


2.The headmistress and teachers of our school are fully qualified with qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Education.

2.Οι διευθύντρια και οι δασκάλες του σχολείου μας είναι όλες πτυχιούχοι με προσόντα  αναγνωρισμένα από το Υπουργείο Παιδείας.


3.Τhe child is equally prepared for the first class of  the English school and for the first class of the Greek Elementary School.

3.Το παιδί προετοιμάζεται ισομερώς για την πρώτη τάξη του Ελληνικού Δημοτικού σχολείου και για την πρώτη τάξη του Αγγλικού σχολείου.


4.The school  is centrally heated  for the winter,  with large fans for the Summer.

4.Στο Σχολείο υπάρχει κεντρική θέρμανση για τον χειμώνα και μεγάλοι ανεμιστήρες για το καλοκαίρι.


5.Our school building has been purposely build as a school, with very large classes, high ceilings and large windows. It is very sunny and very well ventilated.

5. Το κτίριο μας είναι κτισμένο για να χρησιμοποιηθεί σαν σχολείο, με μεγάλες αίθουσες, ψηλά ταβάνια και με μεγάλα παράθυρα, για να εισέρχεται ελεύθερα ο αέρας και ο ήλιος.


6.Safety: The entrance is always secured – There are no stair cases—No large pieces of glass on windows or doors—The yard is fenced with very high fencing— Gates are closed and secured—The outside toys are safe, on  safety floor and well attended when the children are playing—All equipment is chosen with safety in mind.

6.Aσφάλεια των παιδιών: Η είσοδος είναι πάντοτε κλειστή – Δεν υπάρχουν σκάλες—Δεν υπάρχουν μεγάλα κομμάτια γυαλιά  στα παράθυρα και στις πόρτες—Η αυλή μας είναι πολύ καλά περιφραγμένη με πολύ ψηλά κάγκελα—Οι καγκελόπορτες είναι κλειστές και ασφαλισμένες—Τα παιγνίδια εξωτερικού χώρου είναι ασφαλή, σε πάτωμα ασφαλείας και επιτηρούνται πάντοτε  όταν παίζουν τα παιδιά—Όλος ο εξοπλισμός επιλέγεται πάντοτε με βάση την ασφάλεια των παιδιών.   


7. For the use of children only : There are 2 toilets and 3 wash basins adjacent to each class. There are soap dispensers and disposable paper towels by the wash basins.

7.Για χρήση από τα παιδιά μόνο:  Η κάθε τάξη έχει 2 τουαλέτες και 3 νιπτήρες  ενωμένα με την τάξη. Υπάρχει υγρό σαπούνι και χαρτοπετσέτες μίας χρήσης στις τουαλέτες.


8.There is a separate toilet and wash basin for the use of the staff.

8.Υπάρχει ξεχωριστή τουαλέτα και νιπτήρας για το προσωπικό.


9. Hot lunch service is available and it is optional.

9.Προσφέρεται ζεστό φαγητό στα παιδιά και είναι προαιρετικό.


10. All children in the school are covered by an insurance policy.

10.Υπάρχει ασφαλιστική κάλυψη για όλα τα παιδιά.


11. Some of the children’s work is sent home at the end of every week and most of it at the end of every month. Some work is kept at the school until the end of the year when they take everything

11. Κάθε Παρασκευή τα παιδιά παίρνουν σπίτι ένα μέρος από τις εργασίες τους και το μεγαλύτερο μέρος κατά το τέλος του μήνα. Ορισμένες εργασίες μένουν στο σχολείο μέχρι το τέλος του χρόνου. Στο τέλος του χρόνου τα παίρνουν όλα στο σπίτι.


12.All the teachers and assistants in our school do their best so that the children are happy and love coming to school.

Parents are always welcome to discuss the progress of their children.

12.Ολες οι δασκάλες και βοηθητικό προσωπικό προσπαθούν έτσι ώστε τα παιδιά να είναι χαρούμενα και να αγαπούν το σχολείο.

Οι γονείς είναι πάντοτε ευπρόσδεκτοι να μιλήσουν για την πρόοδο του παιδιού τους με την δασκάλα του.


13.The school is open from 7.30 am until 6.00 pm

13.Το σχολείο είναι ανοικτό από τις 7.30 πμ μέχρι τις 6.00 μμ